Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Patio, Sitting Wall, Formal Water feature, and Fireplace

This project was started May 1, 2009 and completed in one week. It was an outdoor living space created for a family residence located in Peters Township.

The first picture illustrates the home before construction.

The second picture illustrates new pipe work that we had to install. These pipes were down spout drain lines for the gutters for the house. Schedule 40 4 inch pipe must always
be run underneath a paved surface to keep from being crushed or damaged.

The Third picture illustrates the finished project which included

A paver patio:
Material: Omni Vintage
Color: Allegheny Blend
Pattern: Random
Border: Desert Blend

Three 2’ sitting walls with pillars:
Material: Country Stone
Color: Desert Blend
Pattern: Running Bond

A 6’ x 4’ formal water feature with a color falls spillway:
Material: Country Stone
Color: Dessert Blend

Pattern: Random

Fourth Picture shows an 8'x6'x4' wood burning fireplace.
Material: Country Stone
Color: Desert Blend
Pattern: Random
Inlays: Castle Mist, Artiste

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Bringing your hillside to life

Many homeowners in Pennsylvania are faced with the same dilemma concerning their backyard space, and steep hillsides. There are several options homeowners have with dealing with unsightly hillsides.

  1. Retaining walls
  2. Grading
  3. Ignore it
  4. Add a water feature and boulder scape. This concept has become very popular for homeowners who want to bring their backyard to life and utilize unused yard space. By incorporating rock, water, and plant life your once unsightly hillside becomes your own private sanctuary. The pictures below show a once unusable piece of yard space transformed into a backyard oasis.

Picture 1: Hillside Before

Picutre 2: Finished pond, waterfall, landscape

Pond Material: Aquascape
Waterfall Size: 18'x2'
Pond Size: 15'x10'