Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Makeover Your Old Pool With a Hardscape Transformation

Does the ugly concrete around your pool take away from the beauty of your once enjoyable oasis? Well give it an updated facelift that will make a 20 year old pool look like new! You might even say “Well I don’t like the look of the concrete, but it’s still in good shape and it would be a shame to crack it all out”. No problem. If your concrete is still in good shape meaning it’s sloped properly for runoff and the concrete has no cracks or minimal cracks then sand can be applied right over top and pavers laid on top. Having an existing concrete base can reduce up to 40% off your hardscape cost! After adding a new updated paver appearance around your pool, other factors like adding some landscaping (a nice variation of color and shape), and even enclosed outdoor spaces like decks, pool houses, and pergolas are always an option to compliment your new outdoor entertainment area.

Picture 1: Existing concrete patio

Picture 2: Finished Paver Patio

Material: Omni Vintage
Color: Allegheny Blend
Pattern: 45 degree herringbone

Picture: 3 (Same as picture 2)

Picture 4: Enclosed Outdoor Living Space

Material: Cedar Wood