Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Adding color and stability to steep hillsides

This project was conducted in Wexford Pa. The situation was we had a steep hillside that needed to be landscaped. But what is the best way to landscape a steep hillside that a strong rain won’t wash everything off of. The first thing that needed to be incorporated was stability to the hillside. So, the first thing we did was go throughout the hillside a place large boulders that would stabilize soils, mulch, and serve as footing for plant material. After the boulders were placed perennials were placed throughout the hillside which were low growing (which also stabilized mulch) and added a variety of color. Lastly, the beds were edged and mulch was applied. This was a commercial landscape application, but this method can also be applied at any residential hillside.

Picture 1: Takeuchi Excavation

Picture 2: Finished Landscape

Picture 3: Finished Landscape

Friday, December 11, 2009

Entertainment For All Ages

It can sometimes be difficult to buy on an item for your home that will not only add value to the home but also accommodate all members of the family. The options that the hardscape industry have provided to contractors makes it possible to establish an outdoor living space to accommodate all ages. This featured landscape design displays the following items:
  • A 1,000 sq. ft. paver patio

  • Built in Jacuzzi

  • A pondless waterfall

  • Sitting walls

  • A enclosed 400 sq. ft. paver patio

  • Colorful landscape beds

Whether Mom and Dad are having company over for dinner and drinks, or the teenagers are entertaining friends. This outdoor living space can cater to everybody’s needs.

Before Picture 1: This picture was taken at the begining of construction

Picture 2: This picture shows the finished waterfall and landscape bed

Pondless Waterfall
Size: 8'x2' waterfall
Material: Aquascape

After picture 3: This picture shows the main patio area

Material: Stratford Paver
Color: Allegheny Blend
Pattern: 45 degree Herringbone

Picture 4: This picture shows a raised patio with a recessed jacuzzi

Picture 5: This picture shows a seperate patio area located under a second story deck