Friday, February 26, 2010

Landscape design options give homeowners new perspective

The actual landscape design is the corner stone to any landscape project. Professional landscape designers have portrayed their designs in forms of hand sketched renderings, topographic, and computer aided CADD designs in the past and currently. These designs give the customer a sense of scale which plant materials are being used, yard space, and the location of other components. The problem is that customers, who usually are not in the landscape industry, lack vision. This is expected especially when it comes to larger design. After experimenting over the years with doing different designs, power point presentations, trips to past projects, and many others we feel that through the addition of 3D landscape design to our services we can finally give customers the perspective they are looking for. These designs offer everything the past designs offer but much more. It gives the customer to view the design at any angle, shows how the landscape design works with the existing exterior features (including the home), and gives you the ability to move features in the design around during your presentations with the click of your mouse.

Monday, February 22, 2010

Pittsburgh landscapers selected to showcase project project on HGTV

This was a waterfeature designed and built by Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes for a residential client in the Pittsburgh area. The water feature consists of 3 ponds, 5 waterfalls, 100' of stream area, 20,000 gallons of water, 6 versa lok retaining walls, a large variety of aquatic plants, dozens of assorted goldfish in the top pond and dozens of koi in the bottom. This project was built in 3 months. An aquascape biological filtration system was used in this design using 3 biofilter, 4 skimmers, and 4 - 1 HSP pumps. It was showcased on HGTV in Spring of 08'

Before Construction

Pond 1 and Waterfalls

Pond 2 and Waterfalls

Stream Area

Pond 3 Before Construction

Pond 3 Waterfall

Koi Pond

Overall Waterfeature