Monday, February 22, 2010

Pittsburgh landscapers selected to showcase project project on HGTV

This was a waterfeature designed and built by Pittsburgh Stone and Waterscapes for a residential client in the Pittsburgh area. The water feature consists of 3 ponds, 5 waterfalls, 100' of stream area, 20,000 gallons of water, 6 versa lok retaining walls, a large variety of aquatic plants, dozens of assorted goldfish in the top pond and dozens of koi in the bottom. This project was built in 3 months. An aquascape biological filtration system was used in this design using 3 biofilter, 4 skimmers, and 4 - 1 HSP pumps. It was showcased on HGTV in Spring of 08'

Before Construction

Pond 1 and Waterfalls

Pond 2 and Waterfalls

Stream Area

Pond 3 Before Construction

Pond 3 Waterfall

Koi Pond

Overall Waterfeature


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