Friday, February 9, 2018

We always say that we’re different, but really – HOW are we different?

We always say that we’re different, but really – HOW are we different?

It’s our vision and approach towards our customer and their overall experience.

We provide our customers with the best options and resources available to create beautiful outdoor spaces that enhance their family’s lives, all while creating relationships that last. The technical part of our services is certainly an area in which we excel, but it’s our personal connection with our customer that makes all the difference. Sure, you get to know any professional you work with, but we’ve taken steps to provide you with the most customized, straight-forward information and resources possible so you can make educated, budget-wise decisions from the very start. Together, we bring your dream back yard to life in a process that works best for your unique needs.

In most cases with renovations and construction, there is at least some level of a guessing game. You describe what you want and hope for the best. With PGHSW, you have options that provide you an inside look that virtually no others do.

1. We have bridged the toughest barrier between customer and contractor. Introducing our budgeting slideshows.
“What is your budget?” – Contractor
 “What is your cost for my project” – Customer. 
With some contractors, this simple dialog can take weeks of back-and-forth interaction to resolve.

How do we combat that? We’ve developed the right tools for a customer to answer both of these questions, almost instantly and from the privacy of their home, without the contractor present.

Yes, it will help to have a general idea of what you would like to spend, but our budget-based slideshows will give you an initial idea of how to begin creating a budget for your goals. We have compiled several slideshows, categorized by style of project: Patio, Pool, Patio roof, etc. Within each of these categories, we have approximately 10 – 20 past projects with design images, before and after pictures of the project, and perhaps most importantly, the itemized components on the job with the associated costs. This gives the customer the opportunity to view various projects, ranging in style and size, and begin crafting an itemized budget to begin planning their project.

2. Once you meet with one of our designers, the sales portfolio we present in person is a per item menu of various components.

It works similar to that of an ala carte dinner menu.

Example: You’re interested in an outdoor fireplace.
We have 10 different models of fireplaces that can be built 10 different ways and at 10 different cost points. Considering any specific and unique needs, the customer now works with a PGHSW design specialist to begin designing your project with real costs associated.

And then what? How do you really KNOW this will work for you and your back yard?

3. Our 3D renderings allow you to see the project, drawn to scale, from the very beginning. 

Because of these drawings, you feel comfortable and confident with the final project before construction begins. In fact, you can even check the view from inside the house, if you would like! Worry not about being able to see the kids playing in the backyard from the kitchen window. Thanks to these renderings, you’ll see the exact area from the real viewpoint and can plan accordingly. What about planning for night-time and safety? We have that covered as well. These renderings can also show lighting aspects, allowing you to plan for those darker walkways and other travel areas.

Make changes and adjustments as you see fit to create the perfect, dream backyard for your family.

Contact us to get started. We’ll send you the slideshows and once you have some ideas together, we’ll work with you to bring it all to life!

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